Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Essie Jump In My Jumpsuit

Essie Jump In My Jumpsuit
2 coats
from the Winter 2014 Collection
Jump In My Jumpsuit was a shade my husband really liked after seeing my strange green crackle mani the other day- he was not a fan of that one! Ha! He really likes what he considers "normal" shades, and Jump In My Jumpsuit would definitely be on that list. Two coats gave perfect coverage.

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sprinkles said...

Nice! I got some glow in the dark polish yesterday. Haven't tried it yet.

Unknown said...

Fantastic! I really adore your manicure. When I was in Ibiza last year, I got very similar red colour manicure . The nail technician from manicure nail salon (Ibiza) gave me the almond shape that I admired. Vacation manicure is really worth trying!