Tuesday, August 11, 2015

SinfulColors Sinful Sunrise

SinfulColors Sinful Sunrise
1 coat over RADient
Sinful Sunrise is described as "warm pink with silver 3D confetti". It's part of the 2015 Back To School collection, A Class Act.
I decided to use it over SinfulColors RADient and I really liked the effect the glitter topcoat gave. One coat gave me pretty good coverage, although the first swipe out of the brand-new bottle was a bit lacking. You can see that on my pinkie finger. Once I dipped back in the bottle for subsequent fingers, I thought the coverage was perfect.
$1.99 each at Walgreens and other mass retailers for August & September 2015.
You can find SinfulColors online:



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1 comment:

Ana B said...

Awww...love it! I love the color and glitter topper. I think its a must try.