Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sally Hansen Pearl Crush Swatches

Sally Hansen recently introduced a new special effect polish called "Pearl Crush". These shades combine a pearlized finish with large, faceted glitter pieces. With one of the shades, it was relatively easy to get some good glitter placement, but the other two shades were a bit more difficult.
Sally Hansen Pearl Crush in Rainbow Fish
2 coats
 Rainbow Fish in shade
Sally Hansen Pearl Crush in Shell & Tell
 2 coats

Shell & Tell in shade
Sally Hansen Pearl Crush in She Sells
2 coats
I had the most trouble getting any glitter pieces on the nail with this one- you can see my pinkie has none, and the other fingers have 1 or 2 pieces each. 
She Sells in shade
Although I tried these on their own, I think they might work better layered over a darker base shade.

The limited-edition Pearl Crush collection retails for approximately $6 each.

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