Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Nails Inc Bamboo White

Nails Inc Bamboo White
(2 coats)
 from a collaboration with Victoria Beckham and her Victoria, Victoria Beckham collection

I recently purchased the Nails Inc Victoria, Victoria Beckham for Nails Inc. Duo Collection from Sephora for $45. The set includes Judo Red and Bamboo White. The individual shades are also available for $25 each.

Just like Judo Red, Bamboo White was amazing to apply- it is well-pigmented and gave opaque coverage in two coats. It more than just a plain white- it's a creamy off-white with a touch of pink. Since it's not so stark, it's just gorgeous. The outer rectangular part of the lid can be removed, leaving you with a regular round cap to paint with.

You'll have to pardon my short, somewhat uneven nails.... I made it through almost 3 weeks of loading and unloading cases of Girl Scout cookies without a break, but Saturday's 5 hour booth sale left me with a broken nail on my middle finger. I cut down the others as much as I could bear to.... they were such a great length and I hate when a break ruins perfect length!

Here's some info from Created with an exclusive formulation, featuring Stretch-To-Fit technology and Bamboo Extract with Silica, this collectible set features two new polish shades: Judo Red, a vibrant tomato shade, and Bamboo White, a bone shade inspired and created to complement key pieces from the collection. Designed by Fabien Baron and Victoria Beckham, Nails Inc’s concave glass bottled have been reinvented for the collaboration: each bottle is made with fine Venetian glass and is hand-frosted in matte black and matte white to leave a subtle reveal window on either side.

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Jules said...

This is such a pretty nail color. Love the name too. So excited to try this out!