Tuesday, January 27, 2015

OPI Dark Side of the Mood

OPI Dark Side of the Mood
(4 coats)
from the Fifty Shades of Grey collection
Dark Side of the Mood is the darkest grey in the set (second from the left in the mini set). It's got an almost imperceptible shimmer in it that's only visible in direct sunlight, and even then, you need a macro shot to see it. Still, it's so pretty!

macro shot 

I found it to be quite watery and found myself with some sheer patches even after three careful coats. I added a fourth, but if you look closely at my ring finger above, you can still see a sheet spot near the cuticle. There was no chance of me adding a fifth coat, so I called it good. Only a nail-crazy person like me (or you since you are reading this blog!) would probably notice. :-)

I purchased my set for $21.95 at my local Ulta. I used a $3.50 off coupon to make it a bit more affordable, and although I think that was still pretty expensive for minis, I'm super glad OPI didn't stick a mini top coat in there.

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