Tuesday, July 29, 2014

OPI Today I Accomplished Zero

 OPI Today I Accomplished Zero
2 coats
Today I Accomplished Zero is from the Coca-Cola Collection, a 9 piece collection inspired by Coca-Cola beverages. I purchased the "10 Pack of Style", which contains minis of 8 shades along with a mini of Nail Envy as well as the OPI Top Coat. I also purchased a big bottle of Orange You Fantastic, the last shade in the set, because it wasn't available in a mini and because I had to have the complete set in my possession. :-)

Today I Accomplished Zero is a black jelly base with pink glitter, inspired by Coke Zero. I myself am not a fan of Coke Zero..... but I do drink a can of regular Coke every single morning, as my cup of coffee.

Let us take a moment of silence in memory of my most favorite Coca Cola beverage ever..... the dearly departed C2. It had half the calories of regular Coke, but all the taste..... sigh.

But back to the nail polish..... I really love this shade! The first coat was very very sheer, but somehow a second coat made it opaque. One thing to note with this- clean up is a bit hard if you happen to get glitter close to your cuticle. Although the black base polish comes right off with a clean up brush dipped in acetone, that pesky glitter really hung on as you can see on my ring and pinkie fingers above. So you might use an orange stick to remove those immediately if you get too close to the cuticle.

Stay tuned... weather permitting, I hope to swatch these shades over the next week or so!

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sprinkles said...

I love this! In fact, I think I might have to go looking for a bottle of it for myself.