Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pop Culture Cosmetics Wonderland over CoverGirl XL Gel in Ample Apple

Pop Culture Cosmetics Wonderland (1 coat)
 over CoverGirl XL Gel in Ample Apple (2 coats)

shade picture
Today I'm wearing another of the three glitter toppers I won in March I in giveaway from Pop Culture Cosmetics.
I did just one coat of Wonderland (using a dabbing method) and got what I consider to be great coverage for a glitter topper. I waited a bit, applied a thick coat of Gelous to help smooth it out, and did my normal topcoat of NYC Grand Central Station and had a really smooth result. I do see some glitter shapes and colors that I didn't get in this application on these four fingers- there are also some black spades and clubs in the bottle in addition to the hearts and diamonds I did get in this pic- so this polish contains all four of the card suits.
Thanks to Pop Culture Cosmetics for an awesome giveaway- I'll be featuring the last shade soon!

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