Monday, March 31, 2014

Dermelect Luminous from the Spring/Summer 2014 Revival Collection

Dermelect Luminous (2 coats)
from the Spring/Summer 2014 Revival Collection

Dermelect describes this shade as "metallic grey- ridges of grey matter derived from the oceanic crust".  I am afraid the word "ridges" is definitely well-used in the title..... this color left so many brushstrokes, it looks like ridges!
I really tried to like this one. I actually did three separate manis, on three separate days, to try to get this one to work. Sadly, I just wasn't pleased with it. Although the mani pictured above would have been improved by a third coat, I could already tell after just 2 that the brushstrokes would be too much.

Luckily, this was the one shade in this collection that gave me any problems. The rest I loved.

Dermelect's Spring/Summer Revival 2014 Collection features seven new hues inspired by a renewed sense of woman’s self.
Shimmering Opaques
·         Pristine – heather with mint accents
·         Au Courant – mint hemlock with white accents
·         Naturale – toasty beach sand with pink accents
·         Mellow Drama – cayenne coral
Metals Are Major
·         Radiance – bold, reflective orchid
·         Luminous – metallic grey
The Game Changer
·         Spotlight – warm golden peach hologram
Dermelect’s ME Revival collection, available March 2014, retails between $14.00-$16.00 and can be purchased at Ulta Stores nationwide,, and at high-end apothecaries, beauty boutiques, salons, spas, medi-spas and doctors offices.

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