Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Skittles Mani: Wet n Wild Color Wave

A few weeks ago I spotted one of the Wet n Wild Color Wave mini sets at Walgreens and since it was only $3.99 I decided to purchase it. I have seen this one referred to as the "blue" set, although the shades lean more green to me.

I decided to do a skittles (or ombre) mani using all of the colors. Since they don't have names, I numbered them so we can discuss. Side note: #5 is the only sheer shade- all the rest are fine on their own. Since #5 was so sheer, I decided to use it as a topper for the white shade #1.

Thumb: 3 coats #6
Pointer Finger: 2 coats #4
Middle Finger: 2 coats #3
Ring Finger: 2 coats #2
Pinkie Finger: 2 coats #1 topped with 2 coats #5

Better, in focus shot of color of thumb

I'm actually pretty impressed with the set- especially for the price. The brushes were actually pretty nice and application was easy.

Have you purchased this Color Wave set or any of the others like it? I know there is a pink one too.

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