Thursday, March 28, 2013

NOTD: Sephora by OPI Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Pink! and Collection Wrap-up

Sephora by OPI Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Pink! (2 coats)
over Sephora by OPI So Totally Enchanted (2 coats)

Oh my gosh, I FINISHED swatching the Cinderella minis! I am so glad to have that done- I have lots of new pretties but felt like I couldn't wear them until I made it through this set! (I'm a bit OCD about projects once they are started.)

As I said with Rags to Rhinestones, I find glitters that are in clear bases wear better on me when I layer them over a solid color.  Since I already had on So Totally Enchanted (silver) I decided to try Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Pink! over it and I think the combo was OK, not my fave, but I didn't *dislike* it.

Unlike So Totally Enchanted, Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Pink! was very textured. And also hard to remove. I should have used the foil or Reesa method, but I just used my scrubby tub and, well, scrubbed.

I thought I'd go ahead and do a collection wrap-up in this post.

The A Brush With Fate Nail Polish Set was part of Sephora's Disney Cinderella Collection in Fall 2012 and retailed for $24.50 for 6 mini bottles. 
(Sephora descriptions in parenthesis)

So Totally Enchanted (glittery silver)
2 coats

Sephora by OPI Step Off, Sister!  (glittery purple)
1 coat
over Blue My Curfew (glittery royal blue)
2 coats
(overcast day, outside w/ flash)

Sephora by OPI Blew My Curfew (glittery royal blue)
2 coats

Sephora by OPI Self-Maid Millionaire (glittery gold)

Sephora by OPI Rags to Rhinestones (glittery bronze)
2 coats
over Self Maid Millionaire (glittery gold)
1 coat

Overall, I really like this collection, but the shade descriptions are really not at all correct. They've labeled every shade as "glittery" even though only 3 shades have glitter in them. The others are more of a foil. I'm also unclear on where they got "purple" because there is absolutely no purple in Step Off, Sister!

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