Monday, December 3, 2012

NOTD: OPI Merry Holly-Days!

OPI Merry Holly-Days!

I *believe* this was an Ulta Holiday 2008 exclusive. I found a pic of this that I posted on my personal blog in December 2008 (I certainly needed to do some filing!) and that's how I referred to it, so we'll go with that. Google wasn't particularly helpful in verifying this I'm afraid.

The above swatch is 2 coats, and I love this glowy red so much! Application was easy and perfect and topped with NYC Grand Central Station, I got no shrinkage as you can see by this picture taken on Sunday morning after I did this mani on Saturday evening.

Anybody have any info on this shade?

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Unknown said...

Hi! I was just trying to find information on OPI Merriest Mauve and came across this post. I have this color too and I have it listed as an Ulta exclusive from their 2008 holiday "Wrapped Up in Red" collection. Thought I'd share the info since you asked! So pretty!

Sasha said...

Kara, thanks for your comment! I don't have any info on Merriest Mauve but would love to see a pic if you have one!