Thursday, May 10, 2012

NOTD: Revlon Whimsical over Sally Hansen Air

Revlon Whimsical over Sally Hansen Air

Ok, so I really had no idea how sheer this one was. I knew it was a take-off on Deborah Lippmann Glitter in the Air, but Whimsical is actually much more sheer than Temptalia's swatch of GitA. In fact, this was pretty much the sheerest sheer ever, with some glitter thrown in.

So after I had applied one coat of Whimsical, I went back and did a coat of Sally Hansen Air, then topped that with two more coats of Whimsical.


I really haven't gotten into the whole indie glitter-topcoat thing, and I'm not sure that this is going to start me down that path. I do think this is pretty, but all those coats were work! :-)

But I do like the end result. So maybe, just maybe, I'll get on board.

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ShakeupYourMakeup! said...

It is VERY sheer. I didn't have the patience to layer either so that mani lasted a day at best until I changed it. I had suck high hopes too!