Thursday, April 5, 2012

Comparison: Avon vs. Chanel vs. Revlon- I'm Perplexed!

When I saw Avon's new Enchanted Spring collection, I ordered two shades, Illusion and Perplexed Purple. It didn't quite hit me that Perplexed Purple was a take on Chanel Paradoxal until I tried it.

Avon Perplexed Purple - Chanel Paradoxal - Revlon Perplex

It really depends on the light- I found that in some light they look more similar, although it's obvious that Avon's version has more purple. Definitely not a dupe, but pretty nonetheless.

Colors like this are hard to photograph- there are hidden shimmers and colors that only show up in certain angles and light.

Avon Perplexed Purple - Chanel Paradoxal - Revlon Perplex

Avon Perplexed Purple - Chanel Paradoxal - Revlon Perplex

Although they definitely aren't dupes, if you missed out on Paradoxal or Perplex, Perplexed Purple might just quench your thirst.

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Gina (Prim and Polished) said...

I only have the Revlon version but I think I may like that Avon one better. So pretty! I love purple!

Regarding Rehse said...

I think out of the three I actually prefer Avon's! It looks like it has more depth!

tess said...

...almost a year later, but I wanted to share that I found another possible Paradoxal drugstore dupe. This time it's in the Chanel-shaped bottles from Covergirl. The color is Amethyst and while I can't put my hands on my Paradoxal or Perplex, this looks awfully close. No one's blogged this potential dupe yet but I'm very curious whether you've seen it, since you have the best and most complete comparisons I've seen.

Sasha said...

Thanks Tess! I'll have to pick up Amethyst next time I am at the store and do a comparison. Also, Sephora by OPI just came out with Metro Too Chic and it has the same hidden shimmer- I have that one and plan on swatching that soon too.