Thursday, January 26, 2012

NOTD: OPI DS Tapestry

So I was looking at my polish spreadsheet and noticed I had one lone DS shade that I hadn't swatched. I had to fix that omission! So I got out my bottle of OPI DS Tapestry and soon remembered out why I had not ever swatched it. I couldn't open it!

So I let Mr. Sasha work on it for a bit, and FINALLY, he had success!

OPI DS Tapestry

dazzling deep rose

Somewhere I found this listed as a foil... but I don't see that. I do see a weak holo in certain lights.

But when I got off work, the weather was wonky and I finally dashed outside when I saw the sun break through and snapped some pics. So obv, not great light, but guess what? I AM DONE SWATCHING MY DS SHADES! Until I get some more I guess...... :-)

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