Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gelish Info

Back in August Polish Insomniac posted about at-home gel nails, something I had been thinking about trying, but just hadn't gotten around to. At that time, Sally's was running a special on the Gelish mini UV light and the Gelish starter kit, so I went for it. I am SO glad I did!

Here's my first try at a full mani- this is two coats of Harmony Gelish Star Burst. I actually purchased Star Burst on Amazon because it seemed to be the cheapest option for full-sized bottles.

Here's what comes in the starter set.

And this is the light. I read all the reviews on this light and it seemed like a great way to go to begin.

A few tips:

1. One thing I read was that even though the light uses batteries, it is better to use a power adapter because the strength of the light goes down as the batteries go down. But if you use a power adapter, the strength of the light is constant and it works much better. So that's what I've been doing- we have tons of power adapters lying around from toys, so I just grabbed one of those and just plug it in each time I use it.

2. It's not really necessary to use the Gelish Cleanse.... once I run out of the starter bottle, I'll use the higher percentage Alcohol and it will work just fine- I think it's 90%. You just don't want to buy the 70% Alcohol because it won't work as well.

3. I use an old t-shirt for my lint-free cloth to wipe the cleanse across my nails- you do it twice- once before you start, and then at the end to remove the sticky residue that remains after curing.

Have you tried at-home gel nails? I am having fun! I do have to say I practiced a bit using it to mend tears before I tried a full mani. I followed Loodie Loodie Loodie's tips for using gel polish to mend a tear.

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Anonymous said...

Can you get the same effect with regular nail polish, using just gel the foundation and top coat and using the UV light? I love the idea; no matter what TC i use, my polish chips the same day I paint; I don't want to have to buy a bunch of gel colors when I have hundreds of "regular" polishes I haven't even used yet!

NY*NAIL*DIVA said...

great info! Thanks

Sasha said...

Anon, I have read somewhere that you can do that. I think it said you need to let the regular nail polish dry for about 10 minutes before doing the next coat. I may try that and report back.

sprinkles said...

I used to be a cosmetologist and had to learn how to do gel nails in school. I was never very good at them though. They always came out looking like claws. Yours look great though and I love that color polish.

Stephanie said...

I saw this at Sally's Beauty supplies! I thought it would be fun to try but I get bored with colors about every other day. If I was interested in the colors lasting longer than that this is a product I would totally want to check out!