Tuesday, December 21, 2010

NOTD: China Glaze Jolly Holly

China Glaze Jolly Holly

Funny story:
This was a brand new polish, and I had forgotten to open the bottle for the first time (you know that can sometimes be difficult) before I painted my base coat. So since I didn't want to mess up my mani before I even painted the color, I asked Mr. Sasha to open the bottle.

He looked at it, and said, "You know this is green?"

"Yup, I know."

"OK, just making sure....."

I guess he just doesn't "get" the non-traditional nail polish color trend! For some reason, he thinks all polish should be pink or red.

Personally, I think this color is perfect for the holidays!

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Lucy said...

That is too funny! Guess he thought you'd lost your sight. Looks wonderful. I have to try this polish next. Have a Merry Christmas.

sprinkles said...

I remember playing with a little girl across the street when I was a kid. I was a tween and the little girl was maybe 4. She'd come over and I'd polish her nails all kinds of wild colors. One day her mother came over and asked me to only use pink or red or colors like that from then on.

Nice holiday color!