Friday, September 17, 2010

Fall Avon Shades

Avon had their polish on sale 2 for $5.99 right now, which is a bargain, so I picked up a few shades to try out.

Avon Pale Gold
Very pretty- reminds me of OPI She's Golden.

Avon Rose Gold
Uh oh- bordering on Grandma color here...... not a great shade on me.

Avon Golden Sand

A very interesting color- I am not sure how I feel about this one.... I need to wear it for a day or so and see what I think.

Avon Olive Green (not exactly new, but I hadn't swatched it yet)

This is ONE coat- it's very pigmented and there was no need for another coat, which is fabulous! You may note some bubbling, but I think that is due to the thicker base coat I used for swatching- I think it's due some thinner.

I order from my friend Valeri (email her at bucfanri {at} gmail {dot} com and she may have free shipping codes for you!)

And don't forget to go through Ebates for a percentage back- plus, if you have never used ebates before, you get $5, and I get $5.

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sprinkles said...

Love those Pale Gold and Rose Gold colors. I wouldn't say the Rose Gold looks grandma-ish on you.

Don't care for the Golden Sand at all. I did like the Olive Green though. Very pretty!

Heather said...

I just ordered Deluxe Chocolate and Luxe Lavender. Those are very pretty. And I agree with you on the Grandma colors. lol