Tuesday, June 22, 2010

NOTD: Avon Color Trend Delicious Berry

Avon Color Trend Delicious Berry

I made a recent Avon order to get the two new green shades, and I saw three cute little scented polishes so I picked them up. They aren't on their website right now, but here was my post about purchasing them.

This is three coats of Delicious Berry topped with Seche Vite, and is Mr. Sasha approved as a "normal color". He gets a little weirded out sometimes with my blacks, blues, and greens, so he likes it better when I use a more standard color. Too funny!

I've never tried a scented polish before, so I was anxious to see what the trend was all about. This actually smells a bit like Zoya Remove, and you can only really smell it if you put your nose right next to your nails and sniff deep. Kind of a fun thing, but nothing too exciting. We'll see if the Lemon and Pear are the same. I'll let you know.

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KarenD said...

Ha--I so get the approved colors thing! My mister's list runs to bright yellows and oranges; he doesn't get why I don't want my toes to look like a traffic cone all summer. :)

sprinkles said...

I love Avon products! Used to sell it but never did very well with it as I didn't promote the business very well. Just sold to a few friends here and there.

Unknown said...

I got these too and can't wait to smell them :)