Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Here we go again ...

I had my tips taken off ... again. But this time, we did an overlay (which is just a fancy way of saying we left a thin layer of acrylic over the top of my nails). This is keeping them from splitting and tearing while they are in the grow-out phase. Although, I am not quite sure what the difference is having an overlay vs. tips - I still need to have them filled either way. Sigh. The woes of desiring strong nails. Ha ha!
So with the colorful tips being gone, I wanted to keep a natural look with a little girly sparkle. Please forgive me as I totally forgot to check the color name. I will totally look that up next time I am in.

I also got a pedicure while I was there ... tis the season, right? Yay for flip flop weather! I (unintentionally) matched my toe color to my BlackBerry when I mixed 2 colors. OPI's Plugged-In Plum (bottom coat) and China Glaze's Anklets of Amethyst (top coat) created this shimmery color. Sometimes the nail techs look at me like I am crazy, but I have found some pretty great color combos!

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Claire's Blog said...

Nice shade...especially for the toes ! i love purple too !

sprinkles said...

Purple is one of my favorite colors so I love your toenails!

Just gave myself a pedicure a little bit ago. Then I polished my fingernails with A Perfect "10"'s Power Up. It's a clear polish with a light dusting of glitter. I love it, out in the sun it really shines. Haven't painted my toenails yet, still deciding on a color for them.