Friday, August 14, 2009

Costco has polish?

Soon after I took my solar nails off, I put them back on. Moment of weakness, I know. I had them on for a few months, then took them off again a few weeks ago. Ha, ha! So, I am still in the process of growing them out and recovering from the lovely ridges left behind from the acrylics. I am enjoying the new found freedom of my natural nails, but absolutely hating the splitting and weakness of them. It stinks, but will hopefully only be temporary.
The first color I tried out on them is actually a Kirkland brand I found in my mom-in-laws closet! I didn't even know that Costco made their own line of polishes, but this one, called Shell, was actually pretty. I painted on 2 coats and this lasted about a week! Not too shabby! Here's how the color looks outdoors and indoors.

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nivipa said...

Wow - ditto on now knowing Costco has polishes! Hmm - I'll have to take a look next time I'm there. I wonder if you have to buy a paint-can sized bottle ;)