Wednesday, July 15, 2009


OPI DS Divine

This has been a crazy week filled with Vacation Bible School, and I am worn out! But of course I found time to paint my nails Sunday night. This picture wasn't taken until Tuesday afternoon, so there is the beginning of some slight tip wear- after all, I shuffle paper all day, so it's bound to happen!

I do like this color- it was a nice change after the mattes I was sporting last week. Very bright and summery. Still haven't met a DS shade I don't like!

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Gwen said...

How many coats of the DS shades are you using? The only one I purchased I had to put on like 5 coats to get good coverage.

Sasha said...

Gwen, 2 coats. That's all I have ever used.

Which one do you have?

Lucy said...

I love all the DS shades. This is a favorite. Looks very pretty on you.

Julie said...

Luv it!!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Just ordered it!