Tuesday, July 12, 2011

OPI DS Roundup

Here are swatches of all the DS shades I own.

OPI DS Chiffon (holo)

OPI DS Classic (scattered holo)

OPI DS Coronation (scattered holo)

OPI DS Couture (holo)

OPI DS Design (holo)

OPI DS Divine (holo)

OPI DS Elegance(holo)

OPI DS Exclusive(holo)

OPI DS Extravagance(scattered holo)

OPI DS Illuminate(scattered weak holo)

OPI DS Opulence (weak scattered holo)

OPI DS Original(holo)

OPI DS Reflection(weak scattered holo)

OPI DS Reserve(scattered holo)

OPI DS Ruby(holo)

OPI DS Signature(holo)

OPI DS Vintage(holo)

Shades I don't have:
OPI DS Amethyst (holo)
OPI DS Dazzle (foily dupchrome)
OPI DS Desire (holo)
OPI DS Diamond (holo)
OPI DS Fantasy(scattered holo)
OPI DS Glamour(holo)
OPI DS Glow(foil)
OPI DS Jewel(shimmer)
OPI DS Limited(foil)
OPI DS Magic(foil duochrome)
OPI DS Mystery(glitter)
OPI DS Passion(holo)
OPI DS Perfection(foily weak duochrome)
OPI DS Radiance(foil)
OPI DS Royal (foil duochrome)
OPI DS Sapphire(holo)
OPI DS Sensation(foil weak duochrome)
OPI DS Shimmer(holo)
OPI DS Tapestry(foil)
OPI DS Treasure(foil)

I didn't realize I was missing so many!

And here's a complete list of all the OPI Designer Series shades as of Summer 2011:

  • Amethyst 017

  • Chiffon 008 - a glimmer of lightest pink

  • Classic 031 - an elegant shimmer of golden beige

  • Coronation 025 - silvery platinum crowned with diamond dazzle

  • Couture 004 - sumptuous, shimmering rose

  • Dazzle 014 - brilliant, sparkling magenta

  • Design 012 - elegant gold with a soft gleam

  • Desire 020 - rich, deep, smoldering gold

  • Diamond 021 - a starburst of silver dazzle

  • Divine 005 - divinely brillant fuchsia

  • Elegance 006 - vivid pink with a sprinkling of sequins

  • Exclusive 002- deep amethyst satin

  • Extravagance 026 - glittering, glamorous magenta

  • Fantasy 022 - deep, dark blue with a magical shimmer

  • Glamour 018

  • Glow 036- a brilliant sparkle of rich , burnished gold

  • Illuminate 033 - a brilliant sparkle of rich, burnished gold

  • Jewel 023 and 035 - a spectacular sparkle of cabernet

  • Limited 032 - glistening, glimmering warm peach

  • Magic 039 - metalic royal navy

  • Mystery 037 - an alluring dark violet with diamond shimmer

  • Original 003 - gorgeous, glistening plum

  • Opulence 028 - magnificent mauve drenched in diamond

  • Passion 019 - precious pink shimmering with stardust

  • Perfection 015 - rose glimmering with diamond dewdrops

  • Radiance 038 - metalic silver

  • Reflection 030 - rich, glowing ruby

  • Reserve 027 - a shimmer of vintage pink

  • Royal 016 - glittering royal purple, as befits a princess

  • Ruby 009 - rich, jeweled red

  • Sapphire 010 - true blue twinkling with stars

  • Sensation 013 - a spectacular shimmer of bright pink

  • Shimmer 001 - dazzling, radiant platinum

  • Signature 007 - a marvelous sparkle of mauve

  • Tapestry 029 - dazzling deep rose

  • Treasure 024 and 034- a dazzling golden coral

  • Vintage 011 - the glow of coppery taffeta

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NailsByCourteney said...

Love this :)

beachgal said...

You have a really good collection and thanks for the list of the ones you don't have. It's hard for me to find a complete list of all the DS made. I only have a few. My favs are Extravagance and Signature of the ones I have.

MichelleP said...

I have DS 012 and I cant find it anywhere. Is it no longer available?

Sasha said...

MichelleP- quite a few of the original shades are discontinued. Design may be too. That's a gorgeous one.